The El Rincon Mexican Kitchen Tequila Bar Serves Up Tasty Food


The El Rincon Mexican KitchenTequila Bar in historic Carrollton, Texas can be a downtown restaurant in the corner that serves up fabulous margaritas and authentic Mexican cuisine. It’s a fiesta on the square in accordance with the restaurant’s Facebook page. The Elm Street location is undoubtedly a great destination for this beloved of your locals and all of people passing through. Generally whenever you pick a restaurant within a city’s downtown area, you’re visiting a recognised place that has been there for many years. But, this restaurant is rather new.


This isn’t your average Mexican restaurant. If you were to check out restaurant photos, you will know what this means. Presentation is everything to individuals running this restaurant. In other words, you not only should expect the meals to taste good, but it’s gonna look nice, too. Just obtain a good look at the Poblano Chicken Enchilada plate.

One reviewer looks at a billboard in the freeway, so that means this restaurant is unquestionably getting its name available. The restaurant’s Facebook site discusses beer specials, and happy visitors have left evaluations for other individuals to read through. You can also take a look at the menu online at various locations, and you will imagine there will likely be some good dishes served up there together with those drinks.

Whenever you consider the set of appetizers about the menu, you will notice your normal favorites. Are you ready to buy some homemade guacamole? Then why not a cupful of tortilla soup or charro soup to go with your meal? There are plenty of fajitas, chimichangas a whole bunch more awaiting you and your party at ElRincon Mexican KitchenTequila Bar. Would you like to add spice to the party with many margaritas making a evening of it?