• “No Data, No Charge” – Our “No Data, No Charge” policy ensures that we will do our utmost to recover your data. It also means that there is no-risk when using our services; we do not hand you a bill unless we also hand you recovered data. Likewise, if your data has been declared unrecoverable by another data recovery company, our “No Data, No charge” policy makes us an excellent choice for a second opinion. There have been numerous cases where we have recovered data that was declared unrecoverable by other data recovery companies. Please note that priority charges, return shipping of your drive, and decontamination charges for fire and water damaged drives are exempt from this policy (see below).
  • No Charge for Preliminary Diagnostics – Unlike many other data recovery companies, we do not charge you for preliminary diagnostics. That is, we will examine your drive free of charge.
  • No Hidden Charges – If your job requires costs beyond the base price (see below) we notify you and give you the opportunity to approve or disapprove the job. That is, if the costs of recovery exceed the value of your data, you may terminate the job at any point up to (but not including) delivery of data. Please note that if your data can be recovered within the base price (about 70% of the jobs submitted to us are) we assume that we are authorized to proceed with the recovery.
  • Confidentiality – Any information retrieved from your drive is safe with us. We keep all client’s data in confidence, and are willing to put it on paper. If your data is sensitive information for you or your organization, we are willing to sign a Non-disclosure agreement to ensure that your proprietary information is safe with us.
  • Discounts for Non-profit Organizations – We offer a $100.00 (US) discount for non-profit organizations.
  • Payment – Unless prior arrangements are made, payment is expected at the time data is delivered. We will accept 30 day purchase orders from the following organizations:
    • United States Government or Federal Agencies
    • State Governments or Agencies
    • County Governments or Agencies
    • City Governments or Agencies
    • 4-year, degree granting colleges/universities.


    1. Base Price – Our base price for data recovery is $750.00 (US). The base price includes extraction of raw data, up to 5 hours of reconstruction time, and recording your recovered data onto a media. The base price also includes the media that data will be returned on (unless you request data to be returned on a new hard drive, in which case you must supply the drive).
    2. Reconstruction Time – Reconstruction time in excess of 5 hours bears a charge of $75.00/Hr (US). Reconstruction is the process of mathematically rebuilding gaps in the file system to whatever degree is necessary to recover the file system or to recover the specific files you are interested in. Approximately 25% of the jobs submitted to us incur this charge.
    3. Replacement Components – If replacement components are necessary to recover data from your drive, you must bear the cost of procuring these components. Pleas note that these charges are at cost; we do not apply a mark-up to replacement components. Approximately 5% of the jobs submitted to us incur charges for replacement components.
    4. Priority Charges – If timely recovery of your data is critical and requires around the clock effort, you can request priority service. Please call for current pricing. Please note that this charge is exempt from our “No data, No Charge Policy (see “Policies” above).
    5. Decontamination for Fire/Water Damaged Drives – A charge of $75.00/per drive is required for decontamination of Fire or Water damaged drives. Please note that this charge is exempt from our “no data, No charge policy (see “Policies” above).