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It is an autoimmune disease, i.e. the body’s immune system confuses healthy tissues for foreign bodies and attacks itself. Treatment of a Torn Ligament in the Ankle When it comes to interventions for preventing such ligament injuries, all one can do is take some precautions. visit siteExcessive swelling in the joint can even prevent turning of the ankle joint in any direction. How Can You Prevent Ankle Injury The very first thing to consider in preventing the onset of this condition, is to wear proper running shoes. It is characterized by persistent pain, swelling, fever, fatigue, etc. Such injuries occur when the ligaments are stretched beyond their normal range due to an inward/outward twisting or rolling motion. Wearing inappropriate footwear or foot problems like athlete’s foot and Morton’s neuroma are some of the factors that cause burning feet sensation. This can help lower the pain and swelling, too.

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