Fire Safety Tips for Computers

Data R&R brings you these Fire Safety Tips for Computers with the hope that they might prevent loss of life or property.

Fire Safety Tips:

  • Make sure that a fire extinguisher rated for Class A, B, & C fires is within a reasonable distance from your computer installation.
  • If you must leave your computer on and unattended for whatever reason, turn off the monitor during your absence. Monitors generate high voltage internally, which has the potential to start an electrical fire, or trigger an explosion in a combustible atmosphere (such as that resulting from a gas leak or combustible fumes).
    The switch for the monitor is usually located at the bottom of the screen, on the side of the monitor, or in some cases at the rear of the monitor. Turning off the monitor (leave the computer on) will NOT disrupt the computer’s operation or compromise data integrity. When you return, simply turn the monitor back on and wait a few seconds for it to warm up.
  • Never operate a computer, monitor, or printer with the protective dust cover in place. Doing so could causes excessive heat build-up and trigger a failure, which can result in in an electrical fire.
  • Never place beverages or other liquids on electronic equipment where the danger of spillage could occur.
  • Make sure that the electrical outlet servicing your computer is properly grounded and has sufficient power rating to handle the components connected to it.
  • Always keep a backup copy of your data in a separate building or safety deposite box; doing so will allow you to restore your data in the wake of a fire or flood, rather than enduring the expense of recovery, or worse, complete data loss.
  • Ensure that your facilities meet local fire safety codes.