Examples of Fire Damage

Fire Damaged System:

Below is an example of a typical fire damaged system. The particular system pictured below was source of a structure fire. All of the data from this computer was recovered with no losses. See below for details.



Note the condition of the floppy drives (see figure below) and remnants of the faceplate, as well as the overall condition of the case. A corner of the hard disk is visible through the rectangular opening at top center of the front subpanel.

Inside, card guides were lying in solidified puddles at the bottom of the case. Circuit boards were charred, wires were melted or burned, and metal parts were warped and twisted. The hard disk’s I/O connectors were melted and its circuit board charred. Traces of melted solder were also found at several places on the hard drive’s circuit board, some of which had dripped across the surface of the board and collected at the edge of the drive’s frame.



The color monitor, which was located on top of the computer, was the source of the fire. The fire appeared to have started in the high-voltage flyback circuit located at the rear of the monitor.



The printer was the least recognizable component of the system. It could best be described as two rods and a dot-matrix print head embedded in a pile of charred plastic.


The keyboard was somewhat sheltered by a keyboard shelf, still its plastic was melted by hot gasses.

Mouse (Not Shown):

No trace of the mouse could be found among the ashes. However, its serial port connector and several inches of wire verified its existence.